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 Who we are 

BaDHouse Books is the online home of author Bracy Ratcliff. Inside you'll find excerpts from published works, as well as drafts from works in progress in a variety of genres.  We encourage readers to comment or offer suggestions for the drafts. We truly appreciate the feedback (we do ask that you try to be polite). Check the 'our books' page for more information on our featured offerings, and our 'Links' page for easy access to the Amazon listings for the Mike Madison Adventure Series.  Bracy grew up near New Orleans and though he has lived across the US, still considers the Crescent City his home; thus, his love for Creole and Cajun food, Mardi Gras, Voodoo, Tigers and Saints, and all that makes Louisiana and New Orleans unique. His writing reflects his heritage, though his works span continents and centuries.  His day job, for over 30 years, is in the oil & gas industry and that job has taken him and his family across the country and back again; and, not surprisingly, his Madison Adventures have moved along with the family.  He has leveraged his education and decades of experience in marketing, promotion, retail, food service, and people management in his first non-fiction work (also previewed on "our books" page).  WELCOME and please let us know what you think about the work.


Drawings by Ana Codorean, for Mike Madison, Intrepid Explorer