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Friends and Foes? A Dan Madison and Mike Madison Adventure Friends and Foes? A Dan Madison and Mike Madison Adventure
reviews: 3
ratings: 6 (avg rating 4.17)

Mike Madison, Intrepid Explorer Mike Madison, Intrepid Explorer
reviews: 1
ratings: 3 (avg rating 4.33)

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A family adventure involving voodoo, a missing fortune in gold, and a terrorist plot--the Madison family employs technology and a network of friends in their efforts to keep the family, and the world, safe.

Excerpt: Jack and Samuel were not men of strong character. The local sheriff described
them as lost souls, though not the most villainous of souls to be found in the
Bay town; but, they would do almost anything for the right price.

They were sharing a mug of rum, sitting on a rock, gazing out into the bay
when Jack said, “I’ve heard she’s loaded with gold,” pointing to the merchant
ship “Sara Johnson” anchored far out in deeper water.

“Lot of good that does a couple of fellows like us,” replied Samuel. “There’s
armed guards clear around the deck, there’s guns mounted on the longboats
they’re using to haul cargo ashore. Whatever they’re hauling, it’s going straight
to the rail yard into a boxcar that’s just as heavily guarded.”

“Suppose we could find another couple of men that are like-minded, with
some ambition, and some weapons. Do ‘ya reckon we could hit ‘em at a weak
moment and take some of that gold for ourselves?” questioned Jack.

Samuel looked at him and smiled, “What I suppose is that we’d be commit’n
suicide by trying, but for a couple of lost souls like us—what’ve we got to lose?
Who do ‘ya know that’d be willing to join us and risk it all?”

The two dared to dream for a moment, and then Jack said, “Give me another
swig of that rum!” And, the dream slipped away, for a while. 

Friends and Foes? 

Vol. 2 of the Dan Madison and Mike Madison Adventure Series.

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In this second volume of the Madison Family Adventure Series, Mike’s new classmate, Kathryn Harris, is hiding a heart-breaking secret about her father, FBI agent Thomas Harris—and Mike can’t resist when she asks for help. Meanwhile, the new neighbors, Joyce and Jim Mills, have very quirky personalities. Jim seems to be able to read minds and Joyce has this troubling, even frightening habit of “zoning out” as Mike’s mom, Melanie, describes it. Worried that the Mills might be more than just simply annoying, Dan calls on the family’s network of friends—friends with unique, diverse skills. Former covert operative & National Security advisor, Steve Jones, computer geeks, Paul and Liz King, and country lawyer, Del Reese all team up with the Madisons to confront these new mysteries. The danger is real as the group encounters rogue FBI agents, a mad scientist, greedy government officials, professional assassins—and it requires all of the group’s considerable skills to keep everyone safe.

Excerpt:  "It had all the elements of a big Hollywood Premier, men in tuxedos, women in elegant gowns, limos, cameras flashing, but the faces were not familiar.  In fact only a few names on the guest list would be recognized by anyone outside the highest levels of the scientific community.  The paparazzi were there in force, but they weren’t there for photos of the guests.  Instead they wanted photos of the waiters, bus-boys, ushers, and security guards.  Why, you may wonder?  Because the workers serving the invited VIP guests were all cybernetic devices—robots . . . "

Mike Madison, Intrepid Explorer

Vol. 1 of the Dan Madison and Mike Madison Adventures.